7000 Series


Ideal for speedy and accurate testing of Breakdown / withstand test of transformer and circuit breaker oil, in accordancewith IS 6792 : 1992 for oil testing.

Special Features
  • Mains ON / OFF switch.
  • Neon Lamps to indicate L.T. ON & H.T. ON
  • Autotransformer for smooth & continuous Variation of output voltage.
  • Zero start interlocking
  • HT chamber door interlocking
  • Lamp to indicate "Regulator not at zero" for motorised set.
  • Memory device with push button switch to show the breakdown voltage.
  • 96 sq. mm. AC moving iron type voltmeter connected to L.T. side and scaled in KV.
  • Provided with test vessel (Oil Cell) made from non absorbent insulating material fitted with two brass sphares of diameter between 12.5 to 13 mm, placed at a distance of 4mm or 2.5mm.
    A gauge is provided along with the cell to adjust the gap.

"Instrument for accuracy & reliability since 1963" "Instrument for accuracy & reliability since 1963"